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Getting your motorcycle driving licence - questions and answers

24 Jun 2021

Getting your motorcycle driving licence - questions and answers

Getting your motorcycle driving licence - questions and answers

Trying to pass your motorcycle licence? Then read on and find out everything you need to know about the different classes.

How old do I have to be to obtain a motorcycle driving licence?

That depends on which class you want to take it in. There are four different classes (AM, A1, A2 and A) with different minimum ages:

  • From 15 respectively 16 years of age, you can take the driving licence for classes AM and A1. The classic AM moped licence is valid for motorcycles with a maximum capacity of 50 cc or 5 HP. With A1, you are allowed to ride motorcycles with up to 125 cc capacity and up to 15 horsepower. You can take the practical test for the AM and A1 licence one month before your 16th birthday, the theoretical test three months before that.
  • Once you are of age, you can ride small bikes with up to 48 hp. In order to do so, you need an A2 driving licence. To be able to start riding as soon as you turn 18, you can take the classroom and practice exams before your birthday. If you have already had an A1 licence for 2 years, you only need to take a practical exam for the A2.
  • If you have been riding with the A2 licence for two years and take a additional practical test, you can start into your great adventure of riding all kinds of bikes with your A licence. Other than that, you can usually only take this all-encompassing motorbike driving licence from the age of 24.

Which papers do I need for the driving licence?

Before you register for your driver's licence, you must take a first aid course. This usually consists of 4 double lessons of 45 minutes each. The course fee is between 15 and 30 Euros. In addition, an eye exam at a recognised eye test centre is mandatory. Most opticians offer this test.

What does the motorcycle driving licence cost?

It depends on how many driving lessons you need, how much you pay per hour and in which state you take the test. Usually, the licence costs between 1,000 and 1,700 euros.

How do I find the right driving school?

The best way is to ask friends who have already passed their driving licence for recommendations. Quality seals are also an important clue. For example, the ifz mark of the Institute for Two-Wheel Safety (ifz) indicates driving schools that are particularly qualified in motorcycle training. When you see this symbol, you can assume that the driving school is a good match. If you want to be absolutely sure, just ask at the driving school how they handle the motorcycle training.

How many hours of drivers' education do I need?

If you only take the motorcycle driving licence, you will need a total of 16 double lessons (90 minutes). Twelve of these double lessons are about general basic knowledge, and four will deal with specific motorcycle issues. If you also take the B licence for the car, you need 18 hours of classroom instruction. If you already have a B driving licence and want to extend to the A licence, only 10 double lessons are required.

To get ready for the exam and test your knowledge, you can practice by filling out driving licence forms on your smartphone. There are free and paid apps for this. A good app should include the complete list of questions. Some apps also explain tricky driving situations using videos.

If you already have an A2 driving licence, you usually don't need any more practical training, unless the driving instructor considers it necessary for you to take them.

What can I expect during the practice lessons?

The number of practical training hours you need depends on your skills. The following are mandatory: 12 hours of special trips, 5 hours overland, 4 hours on the motorway and 3 driving hours in the dark. You will mainly practice:

  • Swerving with and without braking
  • starting on an incline
  • driving in circles
  • Emergency braking
  • Slow driving
  • Slalom
  • Stop and Go

Do I get my driving licence immediately after I have passed the test?

Yes, if you have passed the test, the examiner will hand you your motorcycle driving licence directly - provided you have reached the prescribed minimum age. He or she only enters the date of the test and you can start driving. Enjoy your ride!

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