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Exhibitors on INTERMOT 2022: Motorbikes are emotion - and need the live stage

19 Apr 2022

INTERMOT is back again at last. Finally, personal contacts and live presentations with touch & feel will be possible again. Motorbike manufacturers and dealers agree: motorbikes are emotional products - and INTERMOT offers the best and most professional stage to experience that very special bike feeling.

„An event in a class of its own”

Ronald Kabella, Director Powersports of Swiss oil-blending company Motorex AG:

“From my point of view, INTERMOT 2022 will be the top-class event of the motorbike industry. Finally, after two years, an international motorbike trade show. Numerous models, real consultations, exchange of opinions and experiences in the community, and everything off- and not online. Touching and test-seating motorbikes is a completely different advanture than looking at motorbike pictures online. For Motorex as an exhibitor, we have the chance to greet our German and international importers. The great connectivity of the Cologne trade fair to the international airport, and the amazing opportunities to experience the cathedral city’s food and culture, is a compelling argument for our visitors to find their way to cologne."

"Motorcycle clothing has to be seen, felt, tried on."

Antonio Lorenzo, Country Sales Manager at BIHR GmbH:

Antonio Lorenzo, Country Sales Manager at BIHR GmbH

"BIHR wants to make a strong statement. We are part of the industry. And our aim is to achieve the same importance in Germany as BIHR as in France and other countries. If you want to be successful here, you need to be at INTERMOT. Live, bold, loud and direct!

That's why we take part in INTERMOT

When BIHR launched in Germany in late autumn 2019, Corona was already lying in wait. As many events have been cancelled in 2020/21, we didn't have a chance to introduce ourselves as a wholesaler to the dealers. And we launched a new, old clothing brand in Germany: RST - which has been around for 30 years in England and is the absolute market leader. Clothing has to be seen, felt, and tried on to get to know the workmanship, the cut and the many details. The most important change for BIHR is certainly the merger with Paaschburg&Wunderlich, through which BIHR is now set up in a completely different way. We started out as a pure clothing wholesaler. Now we also offer parts and accessories from over 200 well-known brands. That makes BIHR more interesting for many dealers. And we also want to show the people behind BIHR at the fair. Retailers will realise:,"Oh - I know them from Paaschburg". So we are not really new either. But motorbike business is people business. And where better to get to know each other than at the biggest motorbike event of the year?

Added value for us and for the industry

INTERMOT is an industry event. If you want to be successful in the power sports business in Germany, you have to show that you belong. BIHR wants to make a clear statement. We are part of the industry. And we want to achieve the importance that BIHR has in France and other countries in Germany as well. Trade fair visitors expect novelties, and they will find them with us, no matter if they are trade visitors or motorbike enthusiasts. With every participant showing new products, INTERMOT also becomes more interesting for visitors. And BIHR is committed to making getting around on two wheels safe and fun. We offer great solutions for every type of motorcyclist: beginners, commuters, travelers, racers ... Our distributors can access a large portfolio of products to service or optimise the motorcycles according to the customer's wishes. The topic of customising is still relevant. Only in cooperation with our dealers can we continue to keep motorised two-wheelers exciting in the future.

The outlook for October or the future on the subject of trade fairs

Everything depends on the number of exhibitors, the trade fair concept and the visitor turnout. It is difficult to predict, but most likely a lot of visitors will attend, as in October the evil C. may no longer be so dominant and there hasn't been a big fair for a long time. And we are all tired of being at home. So, the personal exchange, feeling, trying out and trying on is even more exciting. Where better to do that than at a trade fair? We have great expectations ...

The importance of INTERMOT for the industry

Of course there is the EICMA in Milan, and it has shown that it also works on a smaller scale. But Germany is a strong motorbike market. If you want to be successful here, you should be at INTERMOT. Live, bold, loud, and direct. But: the long time without INTERMOT also has its risks. Many companies have been successful despite the lack of trade fairs. But recent times have been special. Many cancelled their holidays and put their money into a new motorbike. This development is not infinite. The industry must continue to work on keeping the fascination of two-wheelers alive.”

"As a showcase for the community, INTERMOT is indispensable."

Matthias Kroner, Country Manager at Rukka Motorsport Germany/Austria:

Matthias Kroner, Country Manager at Rukka Motorsport Germany/Austria:

"For Rukka, INTERMOT is indispensable as a global business platform, but also as a showcase for the motorbike community. With their conceptual further developments, the people behind INTERMOT are on the right track to make the event even more attractive. We are delighted about the opportunities that the 'World of Shop@INTERMOT', for example, will open up for us. Our aim is not only to sell at the fair and thus fulfil the wish of many visitors, but first and foremost to verify the end customer's business. What does the consumer want? Which products are popular? This allows us to assess the demand for the upcoming season much better."

"Riding a motorbike is joy - a joy that's best shared with friends."

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of Wunderlich GmbH

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of BMW dealer Wunderlich GmbH:

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of Wunderlich GmbH

"I have always been a fan of INTERMOT because it is the best and most professional stage for the motorbike industry and community. Motorcycling is joy - and joy is best shared with friends. INTERMOT 2022 offers the perfect platform for this after the pandemic-related dry spell, as the concept presented by Alexander Wolff and his team is convincing! We look forward to it!"

Are you also looking forward to new exciting bike models and the feeling of being live on-site? Then INTERMOT from 4 to 9 October 2022 with its World of Touring is the place to be for you.

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