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Electric motorcycles: Cruising more sustainably

1 Mar 2022

Electric motorcycles: Cruising more sustainably

Sporty, sustainable, emission-free and virtually silent - the ever-growing electric biker community is yearning for a broader market for e-motorcycles. Unlike e-cars, however, e-motorcycles still have exotic status. In 2020, just 2,600 electrically powered models were registered in this country - that's just over ten percent of all newly registered bikes. The range is also still limited. So far, scooters such as the futuristically designed Concept CE 04-Evolution electric scooter from BMW, which will soon be in dealers' showrooms, have been the most popular electric vehicles.

Start-ups roll up the market

Just as with e-cars, it is mainly lesser-known manufacturers that are currently entering the race in electric mobility on two wheels: the Finnish start-up Verge, for example, Rgnt from Sweden, Energica from Italy and Zero from the USA. The brand is considered one of the pioneers of e-motorcycles and has what it takes to become the Tesla of the motorcycle world. Of the big players, KTM and Harley Davidson are the main ones with electrified models. The latter sells its electric bikes under the LiveWire label and plans to invest 25 to 50 million U.S. dollars per year in technology development over the next few years.

One thing is clear: The trend toward sustainable, climate-friendly mobility will also gain momentum for motorized two-wheelers - and even the most fanatical combustion engine fans will sooner or later start looking for alternatives. Acceptance is growing, and those who have tried it will readily admit that electric biking is just as electrifying as cruising on classic bikes.

New exciting models and visionary concepts for the mobility of the future await you at INTERMOT from October 4 to 9, 2022. If you want to see more of the future of electric two-wheelers, visit our WORLD OF eNNOVATION . Stay tuned!