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E-Motorcycles are up and coming

17 Mar 2022

E-Motorcycles are up and coming

No sound, too little emotion, too little biker feeling – add the above-average prices, the low reach, and the too long charging times: the prejudices against electric motorcycles are numerous, resulting in a market that is slow to pick up pace. But what lies behind these prejudices?

Emission free driving

The deciding benefit of electric cruising is obvious: your driving is emission free and nearly soundless. You enjoy the purest driving experience – for emission free driving does not derogate your experience. Electric Motorcycles are just as powerful and high-torque as their combustor equivalents – some models even attain up to 250 km/h. However, you want to think twice about putting the pedal to the metal, as your spin might end a little too soon because the battery ran out. Top models can, at any rate, reach up to 300 kilometres in urban traffic and 180 kilometres on motorways. More and more innovations are pushing the development of electric motorcycles, so that reach and battery charging station infrastructure are sure to experience massive improvements.

High prices, but inexpensive operation

To be fair, the emission free driving experience is not cheap. High-level models cost between 25,000 and 30,000 euro. Scooters and smaller versions of the 11-Kilowatt-class are purchasable at 4,000 euro. In return, however, your e-model will save you money at the petrol, or rather charging, station since electricity is much cheaper than gas. The operation and maintenance costs are also much lower than of combustion machines. So far, an environmental incentive for sustainable motorcycles is offered only by some municipalities, but at least in Germany, there is a tax relief: all models which are registered for the first time by the end of 2025 are relieved of their vehicle tax until December 21st, 2030. Afterwards, 50 percent are due for payment.

In conclusion: the emission free driving sure is big fun – and its development is speeding up. Lower prices, a wider reach, and a comprehensive charging station infrastructure are bound to boost the market and increase the range. Interested in experiencing the latest innovations yourself? Then you can look forward to the event of the biker-industry: from October 4 to 9, 2022 the INTERMOT awaits you with exciting news and visionary concepts at WORLD OF eNNOVATION. Stay tuned!

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