Cologne #INTERMOT2024

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Voices of the industry at INTERMOT

Antonio Lorenzo, BIHR GmbH

“BIHR is keen to make a clear statement. We are a part of this industry. And we want to achieve the same level of importance in Germany as we have in France and other countries. Anyone who wants to be successful in Germany should be there at INTERMOT – live, in colour, loud and direct!”

Antonio Lorenzo, Country Sales Manager

Michael Sommer, BMW Motorrad Deutschland

“As a German motorcycle manufacturer with a long history, the entire BMW Motorrad Deutschland team naturally has a great interest in presenting our brand and products to INTERMOT visitors, with the Cologne event as a strong trade fair partner in the German market, which is so important to us. We are therefore looking forward to meeting our customers and motorcycle fans in person again at INTERMOT 2022, and celebrating motorcycling together.”

Michael Sommer, Head of BMW Motorrad Deutschland
BMW Group

Albert Erlacher, Honda Deutschland GmbH

“Like 2021, 2022 will be another very exciting year for the motorcycle industry. We and our partners expect the strong demand for motorcycles to continue. With the launch of new models at INTERMOT and the expansion of 125cc sales, attractive accessory ranges and support from Honda Bank, we are aiming to further increase our market share. Honda wants to be a company that is accepted and respected in society. We drive forward initiatives that make people’s lives easier. We see huge potential in the world of young 125cc riders and we take new, sometimes unconventional approaches in order to grow continuously.”

Albert Erlacher, General Manager Motorcycle Division
Honda Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Stefan Wöste, Kellermann GmbH

“For Kellermann as a German manufacturer of high-quality accessories for motorcycles, INTERMOT is one of the most important industry trade fairs. INTERMOT gives us the perfect platform for meeting and talking with our partners and customers from all over the world – because the attractiveness and quality of our elegant and extremely bright light products come over best when experienced live and in person.”

Dr Stefan Wöste, CEO
Kellermann GmbH

KSR Group GmbH

“We are one of Europe’s leading importers of two-wheel vehicles. In recent years, we have also successfully established ourselves as a manufacturer with the Motron Motorcycles, Brixton Motorcycles, Lambretta and Malaguti brands. The Royal Enfield, CFMOTO and NIU import brands are also an important part of our portfolio. INTERMOT has always been a key date in our calendar, both for our activities as a manufacturer and as an importer.

As a result, the restrictions imposed in response to the pandemic were initially a shock. We moved many activities into the digital sphere, of course. It became necessary to completely rethink the way we did press events, for example. The new skills we developed – from necessity, originally – now stand us in good stead. That is something we can be very proud of.

And yet INTERMOT is still here, and is double underlined in our 2022 calendar! Direct, in-person exchange is important, especially in the motorcycle industry. That’s not simply a matter of trying to hold on to a sentimental, old-fashioned concept. It’s simply what the industry wants and needs after more than two years. It’s time for the digital to return to the real world. And it’s time for us to return to Cologne."

KSR Group GmbH

Stefan Onken, Johannes J. Matthies GmbH & Co.KG

“INTERMOT again, finally, after four years! Here at Matthies we are looking forward to finally meeting workshops, dealers and sales partners in Cologne in October. Over 300 square metres, we will be presenting the latest trends for workshops, diagnostic technologies, workshop equipment and numerous new tools and problem solvers for workshops. As well as a selection from the latest range of replacement parts and accessories, complete with the appropriate services.”

Stefan Onken, Managing Director
Johannes J. Matthies GmbH & Co.KG

Ronald Kabella, Motorex AG

“In my view, INTERMOT 2022 is going to be an outstanding event for the motorcycle industry. The first international motorcycle trade fair in two years. Lots of new models, in-person contact, and exchanging opinions and experiences with the community – and all in the real world, not online. Touching and sitting on motorcycles is a very different experience to looking at pictures of them online.

For Motorex as an exhibitor, this will give us the chance to meet our German retailers and all our international importers. And Cologne, as a trade fair location with an international airport, has excellent transport connections and plenty of attractive culture and gastronomy to experience – for our guests, these are always strong additional arguments for making the journey to Cologne.”

Ronald Kabella, Director Powersports
Motorex AG

Mark Grunert, Motul Deutschland GmbH

“At Motul, trade fairs continue to be an important element for presenting our brand and our products. Despite impressive digital innovations and new forms of collaborating and interacting, we also want to meet our customers and fans in person again after two years apart. Younger generations are increasingly obtaining information digitally – but the digital world cannot replace personal advice, and the experience of touching and trying the bikes. We are therefore relying on a healthy mix of both approaches, and are looking forward to this year’s INTERMOT.”

Mark Grunert, Head of Marketing
Motul Deutschland GmbH

Matthias Kroner, Rukka Motorsport

“For Rukka, INTERMOT is absolutely essential as a global business platform and showcase for the motorcycle community. With the further development of the trade fair’s concept, the INTERMOT organisers are on the right track for making the event even more attractive. For example, we are very excited about the possibilities that the “WORLD OF SHOP@INTERMOT” opens up. For us, it’s not only about being able to sell products at the trade fair and thereby fulfilling the request of numerous visitors, but first and foremost about verifying the end customer business. What do consumers want? Which products are going down well? It allows us to judge demand for the upcoming season far more precisely.”

Matthias Kroner, Country Manager Rukka Motorsport Germany/Austria
Rukka Motorsport

Hans Jürgen Stadler, Stadler GmbH

“For us as a German company/brand, the question is not whether to take part in the most important industry trade fair for our market, but to what extent. Even as the world becomes increasingly digital, personal contact remains irreplaceable, especially with such an emotional topic as motorcycles. Motorcycling is an analogue affair. The quality and feel of many products have to be experienced directly – beautiful images, videos or glowing descriptions will never do them justice.”

Hans Jürgen Stadler, Company Owner
Stadler GmbH

Natalie Kavafyan, Triumph Motorrad Deutschland GmbH

“Triumph has a strong emotional connection with INTERMOT because that’s where the Triumph brand celebrated its relaunch in September 1990.

For us, INTERMOT is an important platform on which we can present our models to our customers live and in person. Of course, we also used digital platforms to introduce new models during the pandemic. But with an emotional and technically complex product, this can never replace the live experience customers have when they touch and sit on our motorcycles, and talk with our staff in person.

After three years, we’re looking forward more than ever to being back in Cologne live and in person to present our latest and future models.”

Natalie Kavafyan, Managing Director
Triumph Motorrad Deutschland GmbH

Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich GmbH

“I’ve always been a fan of INTERMOT because it’s the best and most professional showcase for the motorcycle industry and the community. Motorcycling is joy – and joy is best shared with friends. After the hard times of the pandemic, INTERMOT 2022 offers the perfect platform for exactly that – because the concept presented by Alexander Wolff and his team is impressive! We can’t wait!”

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director
Wunderlich GmbH

Ralf Czaplinski, Zero Motorcycles

“Electric drive technology is being increasingly adopted in all areas of mobility, including in the world of motorcycling. We want to show INTERMOT visitors that it’s possible to address hotly debated issues such as exhaust and noise emissions not only with sensible arguments, but also with powerful motorcycles that promise a great riding experience. Zero Motorcycles’ fully electric motorcycles are best experienced in person, at events such as INTERMOT. That’s why we decided to take part.”

Ralf Czaplinski, Country Manager Germany and Eastern Europe
Zero Motorcycles