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Born to be wild - Highlights from 14 years of INTERMOT in Cologne

17 Mar 2020


INTERMOT has been at home in Cologne since 2006 and transforms the metropolis on the Rhine into the biker capital of Germany every two years. Since then, it has opened its doors seven times for bikers and those aspiring to become one. Always on board: exciting new products and eye-catching innovations that inspire the fan community. As a pre-taste of this year's fair, we will show you a few goodies on two wheels from recent years.

The Zero SR/F electric motorcycle: power from the socket

At INTERMOT 2018, the California-based company ZERO presented its Zero SR/F electric motorcycle. The motorcycle makes many a gasoline powered vehicle look like a mere bicycle for the first few meters. Despite its electric drive, it was born to race, as the impressive technical data show: 110 hp, weighing in at 220 kilograms, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds, top speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour - a powerful bike that delivers tons of riding fun and moves smoothly through bends thanks to its low centre of gravity. Because of its dimensions, the machine's battery could be mistaken for a standard motor and amazes with its corresponding power. It charges 14 kilowatt hours (kWh) gross and gives 12.6 kWh net. In principle, the Zero SR/F could deliver a torque of 190 Nm right from the start - more than any other bike on the market. However, the bike would then rebound and possibly perform a backflip. To prevent this from happening, the electronics regulate the torque with the power adjusting elegantly. The technology for this, the Bosch motorcycle stability control, comes from Germany. Rather than being a long-distance runner, the Zero SR/F is designed as a sprinter. In the standard version, it takes four hours to recharge after riding 180 to 200 kilometers - perfect for tours with extended breaks. And the ride is a close to nature experience for all your senses, because the loudest sound you'll hear is the whistling wind under your helmet.

Ducati Scrambler – la dolce Vita

At INTERMOT 2014, the traditional Italian manufacturer impressed us with its new Scrambler. The name refers to a single-cylinder model already released in 1962. Just like its predecessor, the newly launched Ducati Scrambler is intended to enthuse bikers - and it does. At first glance, it appears to be a purely minimalist model: light, compact and equipped with only the most essential technology. Nevertheless, it is equipped with all the features that a modern motorcycle must have. This not only makes the Ducati Scrambler a fun bike to ride, but also a pleasure to look at. The two-cylinder engine develops its power of 75 hp and its torque of 68 Nm evenly, resulting in a smooth ride without overwhelming anybody. True to the Scrambler-typical minimalism, only a single - but generously dimensioned - disc brakes at the front. ABS is available as standard. In terms of design the bike is a tribute to old times, with Ducati appropriately calling it "Post-Heritage".

BMW R90 – Retro chic

In addition to the Ducati, another eye-catcher stood out at INTERMOT 2014: the BMW R90 (nineT Racer) presents itself as a mix of past and present. Tight half-shell panelling, stub handlebars, a raised seat and set-back footrests give the impression of a bike from the seventies. However, the contemporary ergonomics and modern chassis technology show that the bike is more than up to today's demands. But it's not only the exterior that counts, but also the inner values - and that's where the bike from Bavaria scores big. The R90 offers ABS as standard, the 1170-cubic boxer engine with 110 hp and a maximum torque of 116 Nm at 6000 min is evidence of its power. According to BMW, this ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of more than 200 km/h. Despite the considerable power, the bike glides smoothly over the roads, making it one of the highlights at INTERMOT 2014.

Discover fascinating and innovative concepts, bikes and shows waiting for you at INTERMOT 2020. Join us when a new chapter of motorcycle history is written!

Zero SR/F (Source: Zero Motorcycles)
Ducati Scrambler (Source: Ducati)
BMW R nineT (Source: BMW)

Zero SR/F (Source: Zero Motorcycles)

Ducati Scrambler (Source: Ducati)

BMW R nineT (Source: BMW)