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Digital technologies provide even more safety

17 Mar 2020

Blind spot detection (Source: Bosch)

Blind spot detection (Source: Bosch)

As a biker, you have probably experienced dangerous situations in traffic - either because you might not have paid enough attention or because other road users were distracted. To prevent such situations from causing harm to everyone involved, manufacturers and suppliers are working extensively on innovations that will make your future journeys safer and even more ecological.

Have you ever heard of 360 degree check, E-Call, stability control, V2X communication or blind spot radar? All these innovations will increase the safety of your future trips. Companies are working full speed on new developments that will soon be launched on the market in series production. Bosch, for example, has developed a blind spot detection, and BMW has already installed this technology in its C 650 GT scooter. The "Side View Assist" is an ultrasonic system with four sensors. Whether it’s in heavy urban traffic or on the motorway, the technology allows you to see what's going on not only behind, but especially next to you by calling attention to vehicles in the blind spot. It monitors the lateral rear space and prevents dangerous lane changes by help of signals in the cockpit or the mirrors.

Keeping a panoramic view

The Canadian company Damon Riding Innovation is developing a technology that will significantly reduce motorcycle accidents by using artificial intelligence. So-called "environmental scans" are intended to analyse dangerous situations in a 360-degree angle and give a warning in case of need. This is made possible by a smart interaction of data, algorithms and high-quality sensors. The sensors collect data while driving, and the data is being transferred to the cloud and evaluated. The system learns from the data and is constantly evolving. This more information it receives, the better it keeps an eye on its surroundings.

V2X Communication

Another way to make traffic safer is to provide real-time electronic communication between road users. The so-called "V2X communication" sends information about the traffic situation to central hubs where they will be analysed. The resulting information and forecasts are provided directly to road users in encrypted form. The aim of this continuous exchange between the parties is to help prevent accidents, shorten journey times and save carbon dioxide.


If an accident happens – despite all caution or innovative technical helpers – a system such as E-Call can save lives. Permanently installed on the motorcycle and connected to a control centre via mobile emergency call, E-Call automatically makes an emergency call as soon as the sensors record an accident or fall. If the rider can be addressed, he or she can communicate directly with the control centre. If the driver is not responsive or travelling on a lonely road, this system can be a true lifesaver.

Stability Control

Bosch has developed a Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system that supports the driver during braking, accelerating, riding straight or rounding a bend. Using sensors, the system constantly monitors the bike's lean angle, torque and acceleration and intervenes if necessary. This technology ensures optimum road conditions and helps you adapt speed and braking power according to the respective situation.

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