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Airhawk International LLC | Exhibitor on the INTERMOT Cologne 2018

Airhawk International LLC

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Airhawk International LLC
1919 E. Occidental Street
Santa Ana ,CA 92705
United States of America
+1 714 259 0177
+1 714 259 0178
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List of Products

This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups:

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Company & products
Motorcycle Cushions

Airhawk® motorcycle cushions are the only motorcycle cushions that use genuine, clinically-proven Airhawk® Air Cell Technology. This technology was originally developed in 1973 to prevent injuries in wheelchair users. Decades of clinical studies and patient success stories prove its unique ability to distribute weight evenly and eliminate painful pressure points.

How does it work? Airhawk®’s Air Cell cushions are made up of interconnected, air-filled chambers. As your body moves, air flows between the cells to keep your weight evenly distributed and your body comfortably supported. No more hot spots, no more spinal compression, and no more pinched nerves, numbness or tingling. Airhawk® cushions are completely customizable to your comfort. Just add air or let it out until you find your sweet spot.


That cushion of air also dampens vibrations and muffles impacts. Additionally, it keeps you cooler and drier where it counts, especially combined with our breathable polyester and spacer mesh covers. No more embarrassing, painful rashes or chafing.


Imagine riding longer, with no pain. Then, get an Airhawk® and make it a reality with our Double Your Ride Time Guarantee!


Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations – our Airhawk® cushions are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. for quality you can trust, and they come with a lifetime warranty against defects. We have cushions to fit most major manufacturers, including Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW and more. Find the right cushion for your bike online at


Doing what you love shouldn’t hurt. With an Airhawk®, it doesn’t have to

Airhawk® BMW Seats

Airhawk®’s BMW seats are the perfect combination of style and comfort.  Every seat features two exclusive technologies in one package:

• Patented Independent Suspension Technology™ (IST™) from our sister company High End Seating Solutions
• Airhawk®’s own patented Air Cell technology, originally developed for wheelchair users.

IST™ is a true revolution in motorcycle seat design.  Other seats use a solid hardpan covered with a foam cushion and a cover. No matter how advanced the foam is, there’s still only a few inches of it between your body and the hardpan. You feel every bump, every bounce. And foam compresses over time, so the longer you ride, the worse it gets.

Seats made with IST™ don’t use a solid hardpan. Instead, strategically placed cutouts in the pan are covered with a thin, flexible membrane. It’s like a pair of mini-trampolines for your “sit bones.”

We combine IST™ with our patented Air Cell technology for even more cushioning and comfort. Air Cell technology has been used in clinical settings for over 30 years and is supported by a hundred of scientific studies.

Air Cell pads are made up of interconnected chambers filled with air. As you move, air flows from one chamber to another, effortlessly supporting your body.

What happens when you build a motorcycle seat which incorporates both IST™ and Airhawk® technology? You can ride longer and farther than ever before, without aches, pain, numbness or fatigue holding you back!

We know BMW riders take pride in great design. Complement your bike with the classic, clean styling of an Airhawk® BMW seat, and you’ll look as good as you feel!

All Airhawk® BMW seats are made in the USA from top-quality materials, and all of our Airhawk® Air Cell pads come with a lifetime guarantee.  To find the right cushion for your bike, visit us online at