INTERMOT 06.–11.10.2020 For all: 08.–11.10.2020 #INTERMOT2020


Picture of a motorcycle driving simulator


The INTERMOT Cup links e-sports and the world of motorcycles. On motorcycle simulators with a real motorcycle feeling, you can qualify for the finals at INTERMOT 2020 from May 2020 at various events in several cities. You decide which team you will lead to victory: Team "Biking" or Team "Gaming".

The Team Captains come from the scene with a focus on biking and gaming.

Team captain: "Biking"

"Well, well, well, you landlubbers,
my name is Sören, but primarily people know me by the name Blackout. I am happy to be team captain of the team "Biking". Together, we'll win the race."

Blackout at YouTube

Blackout at Instagram

Blackout (Sören Aulbach)
Team captain "Gaming": TBA

The Qualifyings

In the qualifying sessions the fastest lap time decides. The best of you will receive one of the coveted 36 places (16 players per team and 2 reserve players) in both the "Biking" and "Gaming" teams.

The INTERMOT Cup Qualifyings 2020 will take place at the following events:

Kawasaki Days

Honda Days

Moto GP am KTM Stand

BMW Motorrad Days
Garmisch Patenkirchen


Glemseck 101
at Triumph booth

Procedure for the quarter, half and final of the INTERMOT Cup

We invite all 36 qualified participants to INTERMOT. Each participant will receive two season tickets for the INTERMOT in October 2020 as well as a travel allowance of up to 100,- Euro. We provide a hotel room if required.

The finals will be held live on the large event stage "Stage X". The screens of all drivers are displayed on the giant LED, so the spectators can join in the excitement and cheer you on.

The quarter finals and semi finals will take place on Saturday, 10.10.2020, where the two teams will be reduced to the best 4 drivers.

In the grand finale on Sunday, 11.10.2020 you will fight against each other one last time. The times of the whole team will be added up.

And finally, the really big show: real motorcycle racers compete against the best from the final.

Attractive prizes await the winners.