INTERMOT e-motion

A high-voltage hall!

INTERMOT e-motion is moving!

In order to stage so many new products and ideas in the perfect setting, INTERMOT e-motion is moving to Hall 10.2. This is where you will find the new “E-Bike City”. Conventional test tracks simply cannot provide a true-to-life experience, so the “E-Bike City” offers visitors an opportunity to test the bikes in simulated, everyday road traffic conditions. Naturally, fans of trekking will also get their money’s worth and can really crank it up off-road.

The E-Bike City is also home to the e-scooter test track. The parking ramps in the outdoor areas will be devoted to providing an area where the scooters can be tested within the exhibition grounds.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of it and show off your innovations and products! We are looking forward to an action-packed hall with great two-wheelers.


The e-motion segment

Thanks to the move to the new hall, we can now be sure of being able to accommodate every stand request, so send us your application form and we will organise your stand together!

Participation costs

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