INTERMOT e-motion

Giving electric mobility a home.

That’s our credo — and in 2018 we are continuing to do that and creating a completely new atmosphere.

Electric scooters and electric bicycles, along with all their accessories, will be featured from now on in the regular INTERMOT halls.

The e-scooters will now finally be on a par with the petrol models in Hall 7 — and they’re sure to enjoy being neighbours of Vespa/Piaggio. Visitors who would like to test the e-scooters right away won’t have to go far. The e-scooter demo area will be nearby, next to Hall 8.

From now on, the e-bikes will be located in Hall 8 — and they can also be tested there. The large and popular e-bike test ride will of course be continued. As E-Bike City, it will offer visitors the opportunity to test the bikes’ suitability for daily use in the traffic on a simulated city street. Of course trekking bike fans will also find what their hearts desire as they put the pedal to the metal in an off-road environment.

So don’t delay! Be part of this event by presenting your innovations and your products! We look forward to an action-packed event with great two-wheelers.


Thanks to the move to the new hall, we can now be sure of being able to accommodate every stand request, so send us your application form and we will organise your stand together!