INTERMOT is much more than a leading international exhibition of motorised two-wheelers. The team consider themselves part of the motorcycle scene. With the spectacular conversion of a Ducati Scrambler in 2015 and INTERMOT customized in October 2016 we have broken new ground and made a real impression on the customizing community.

And we are staying the course! The new INTERMOT Custom Bike is already under construction and will be on show at a lot of festivals in 2017 and 2018. Together with you, we are writing the next chapter of the INTERMOT customized story.

Only the best pack the biggest punch! We have been able to bring on board the famous customizer Marcus Walz again to take on this task. From a Yamaha 950 XV, a spectacular drag bike conversion will emerge. And then we’re off! The INTERMOT Custom Bike will be in the starting line-up at the famous ESSENZA competition. #ESSENZA to participate. The rules are simple, the competition strong!

The first ESSENZA sprint event will take place at the Café Racer Festival in Montlhéry (near Paris) on 10 and 11 June 2017. The drag bike will then make its second big appearance in the sprint event at the Glemseck 101 Festival in September 2017.

The conversion of the motorcycle includes such elements as a complete upgrade of the chassis with high-performance chassis components, a redesign of the fuel tank and of the entire tail section and seat area, a custom-built exhaust system, multiple customizations using milling and turning, and much more besides.

We are recording the metamorphosis of the original Yamaha 950 XV into the drag bike on the photo wall for you.