These three rivals were the candidates in the voting.

Cafe Racer

A classic and timeless design is what characterises the Cafe Racer. In order to build this version, the rear frame has to be completely redesigned, which the typical back end of the Cafe Racer and the short seat are mounted onto. Low, clip-on stub handlebars and a footrest located very far back ensure an aggressive and very active driving position. Extremely lightweight, spoked wheels and chassis components provide super sport-like driving dynamics. The hand-finished tank in 1970s design rounds off the appearance of this modern classic.

Ducati Scrambler

The Scrambler is a bike that ensures one always reaches one's destination, and which always cuts a good figure, whether driving cross-country or parked in front of the hip cafe in the city. When building this bike, great attention is placed on the weight as well as on the careful selection of high-quality chassis components. An ultra-light and super-stiff back frame part made of aluminium tubes, a hand-finished tank made of aluminium sheet and cladding convey an independent and distinctive statement. High-quality aluminium forged wheels with all-terrain Enduro tyres, a high-tech brake system and a hand-made underseat exhaust system ensure that the performance is up to scratch too.

Ducati Roadster

The Roadster version is a driving machine of the purest kind. All parts of this bike are geared towards pure driving dynamics. In addition to the specially designed chassis components, special ultra-lightweight forged wheels that are equipped with purebred semi-slicks were designed. A short, smart and self-supporting racing rear end and an underseat 2-in-2 exhaust system lend the bike an aggressive and modern appearance. The tank is also handmade out of aluminium and matches the handmade front trim perfectly adding to the harmony of the bike's overall design.