INTERMOT 2016 presented different events that covered all the different themes and invited visitors to discover, participate and exchange.


Passage between Halls 4 and 5

Access for invited guests only

Has been opened from 4th to 7th October 2016

Northern section of the Boulevard

Stroll along the “Boulevard of Touring” with TOURENFAHRER magazine and take in the world of motorcycle touring. Discover motorcycles tailor-made for touring as they invite you to jump on and set off, all expertly hosted by the editors of TOURENFAHRER magazine. Don’t miss the supporting stage programme of films and talks. This is where the bug for that feeling of pure motorcycling is caught, regardless of whether the biking adventure is big or small. Workshops on GPS and photography, comprehensive information about hotels that welcome bikers, and much more besides await.

Hall 5.1

We haven’t just taken kids into account in 2016, we’ve virtually created an entire fair specially for them: the balance bike test track for toddlers to speed down, the INTERMOT driver’s licence sessions on a bike or child’s motorcycle, Segway and Ninebot test tracks, video games, old-timer vehicles, electrically powered bikes, bouncy bounce, kindergarten – Hall 5.1 alone is reason enough to visit INTERMOT. And anyone feeling hungry after all of that activity can enjoy some well-earned snacks for the family – at family-friendly prices!

Hall 5.2, stand no. D-030

Still not charged up? Then now’s the time – experts from the magazines "ElektroRad" and "aktiv Radfahren" has been on stage, showcased everything to do with e-bikes, touring, safety, e-scooters and, above all, how much fun can be had with electric two-wheelers.

Hall 5.2 indoors and out, stand no. D-060 – D-082

The e-bike test track started in the e-motion hall and was a highlight for everyone who wanted to try out this new trend. The latest bikes has been presented and explained by their manufacturers, you could received a complete overview of all of the available models – and you could test-rode the e-bikes and e-scooters on the strip indoors and outdoors!

Hall 6, stand no. C-080 – D-089

AREA 4 – the coolest quads and ATVs, concentrated in one hall! Quadwelt magazine awarded prizes for the best custom quads and ATVs, the ATV and Quad magazine presented the “quads of the year”, the best side-by-side riders will compete on the dirt track in the Race of Champions – and you could tryed out the latest and coolest quads for yourself on the quad test track!

Hall 9, stand no. B-050

The readers of MOTORRAD magazine have voted – and quite honestly: where better than INTERMOT to showcased the most beautiful and desirable motorcycles? The place to dream is Hall 9.

Hall 10.1, stand no. C-001

The best of the best of the best, Sir! At qualification events all over the world, customizers have been competing for the right to come to the grand final in Cologne. As a result, you could have seen the world’s 100 best in Cologne, and then AMD Magazine announced the World Champion for 2016 at the fair!

Hall 10.1, stand no. D-040 – E-050

Do you have your own bike project? Then shouldn't missed this: professional mechanics worked live on their projects, from the conversion of accessories through to complete resprays (which you could watched closely, step by step, thanks to the mobile spray booth).

Hall 10.1, stand no. A-070

16 motorcycles – reduced to the max! In cooperation with Glemseck we showed the most spectacular conversions from big brands and small, independent customizers and then setted them off against one another at INTERMOT in a series of sprint races!

Hall 10.1, stand no. G-040

Talks by professionals, interviews with stars of the scene, the AMD World Championship award ceremony, the ESSENZA prize-giving, selected bike presentations by host Ilka Groenewold – you has been gazed in amazement the whole day long at the stage in Hall 10.1!

Hall 10.1, stand no. G-091 F-090/G-101 F-100

A special highlight awaited motor sports enthusiasts in Hall 10. The main topic has been "Athletes and their equipment”. The trade journal PS – Das Sportmotorrad Magazin presented the latest race bikes from the Tuner GP. In the Racing special event, Bike Promotion and other sport event organisers showed base vehicles and special conversions for the racing circuits of the world.

Hall 10.1, stand no. E-080 – F-091

Roadster magazine presented: the latest naked bikes. And so that you goet the most out of the naked bike show, the machines are not fixed in place but can be taken off their side stands, the ideal, brand-independent dry run for prospective buyers. Specialist editors provided individual advice.

Hall 10.1, stand no. F-050 – G-041

The 50s are back at INTERMOT! Have had your hair styled and your beard trimmed in the barber shop. A matching tattoo was available in the tattoo studio directly opposite!

Hall 10.1, stand no. G-060 – H-060

Crazy custom sprint bikes – we haven’t set these machines up just to be looked at in the hall: in the afternoon of Sunday 9 October 2016 the bikes competed on the 1/8-mile strip (car park P1) and really burned some rubber!

Hall 10.1, stand no. F-060/G-061

Biking is a lifestyle, and even when you are not sitting on a motorcycle, you still want to show your passion for biking. Craftrad brought everything together – bikes, fashion, design, attitude. This is where your passion for biking came alive.

Hall 5.2, stand no. A-011

With the electric power of an e-bike you can pretty much go anywhere you want, and at this stand we showed you where this journey can lead you. In cooperation with Tambiente Magazine, we brought that real holiday feeling to Hall 5.2. Teams from the most exciting touring regions of Germany and neighbouring countries showed you there and then, where your next tour should take you.